I have written several articles for BBC Wildlife magazine, covering cognition, conservation, ecology and history of science.

Links to online versions, where available:


A Cleverness of Crows – crows have a reputation for being smart, but are they actually clever? This article presents some of the most fascinating discoveries on the topic of corvid intelligence.

The Wonder Women of Ornithology – several brilliant women overcame the barriers of working in a male-dominated world to make significant contributions to our understanding of birds. This article showcases a selection of these often overlooked women.

Meet the Scientist

Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka – multi-award winner and founder of Conservation Through Public Health, Dr Kalema-Zikusoka explained to me why linking conservation programmes with public health is paying off for mountain gorillas.

Dr Jodie Crane – kākāpō are one of the most critically endangered species on the planet, with just 204 individuals alive today. Dr Crane, senior ranger with the Kākāpō Recovery team, talked me through the biggest breeding season on record (2019) and future prospects for this iconic New Zealand parrot.

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