Aesop’s Animals

The clever ways in which Jo wove in current scientific facts…with Aesop’s lessons was spellbinding.

Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today Published On: 1-11-2021

Come for the fables and stay for the behavioral research in this jam-packed but delightful collection.

Scientific American Published On: 21-10-2021

A spirited romp through modern cognitive ethology.

Wall Street Journal Published On: 16-11-2021

Are wolves deceptive villains? Are crows insightful geniuses? And could a tortoise really beat a hare in a race?

Aesop’s Animals uses the latest scientific knowledge to evaluate whether some of humanity’s best-known animal characters are based in fact or fiction. Covering some of the most exciting topics in animal behaviour research—from tool use to culture, future planning to deception—each chapter weaves together a story that combines cutting-edge science with natural history and expert insights.

Published in September 2021 by Bloomsbury Sigma.

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